Looking for a fast, easy way to training your OT engineering teams in security ?

What is ICS Range? ICS Range is an educational platform build to further train and educate in Operational technology (OT) security Through easy online access, you can upskill and learn various disciplines across OT security.

A new way to learn of IT & Industrial security - a purpose build environment with real industrial equipment to learn better, faster and more efficient.
Improve the skills in your security teams - both offensive and defensive on industrial OT security .. on a budget - with a easy subscription model?

Ready, get your staff started right away with no cumbersome configuration -Including real industrial equipment, with training labs from beginner to expert. (We have already done all the heavy lifting for you; Know-how, bought licenses, done the configuring and build labs material)

Train with real industrial equipment Interact with real industrial systems in a safe environment e.g. the industrial equipment used in the attack on the Ukraine power grid in 2015.

Gamification CTF Style ICS Range incorporates CTF tasks and assignments ranging in difficulty. Simply because scoreboards and gamification works much better than dusty manuals!

Upskill in various security diciplines Develop skillsets in various OT security disciplines within industrial Engineering, Industrial Architecture, Production Services or Red/Blue teaming. Using the very same tools and methods, that Red teams (attackers) and Blue team (defenders) use.

Key points:

  • Online – always ready, when the student have time..
  • No need to allocate precious man-power to design, build and maintain the training environment.
  • Real Industrial equipment (when technical feasible)
  • Labs ranging in difficulties (beginner to expert) – e.g. the UKR 2015 attack.
  • Scoreboard and gamification works much better than dusty manuals
  • Budget friendly – no surprises – Lab access based on user seat license.
  • -Option: Shared vs. Corporate exclusive range To inquire on enrollment, pricing and more detail, please contact us