Looking for a fast, easy way to training your OT engineering teams in security ?

A new way to learn of IT & Industrial security - a purpose build environment with real industrial equipment to learn better, faster and more efficient.
Improve the skills in your security teams - both offensive and defensive on industrial OT security .. on a budget - with a easy subscription model?

Ready, get your staff started right away with no cumbersome configuration -Including real industrial equipment, with training labs from beginner to expert. (We have already done all the heavy lifting for you; Know-how, bought licenses, done the configuring and build labs material)

  • Online – always ready, when the student have time..
  • No need to allocate precious man-power to design, build and maintain the training environment.
  • Real Industrial equipment (when technical feasible)
  • Labs ranging in difficulties (beginner to expert) – e.g. the UKR 2015 attack.
  • Scoreboard and gamification works much better than dusty manuals
  • Budget friendly – no surprises – Lab access based on user seat license.
  • -Option: Shared vs. Corporate exclusive range To inquire on enrollment, pricing and more detail, please contact us