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Our speakers activities on Industrial security events, and Zero-day vulnerabilities we find during our work.

Newest CVE award CVE-2022-38124 to the ICSRange reserch team.

The Secomea SiteManager (All prior to 10.0.622425017) . Debug tool in Secomea SiteManager allows logged-in administrator to modify system state in an unintended manner. Discovered by: Security Researcher Christian Pedersen,ICSRange. Man...

Review of the ICSRange

In week 47, The Swedish OT security expert Mats Karlsson Landré has been test driving the ICS Range and wrote his evaluation - many thanks for the kind words :

"My spontaneous feeling is that Mikael & Co have succeeded in creating something which is already good and whic...

Porting a sha256 algorithm from x86 assembly to ARM

The other day I took part in the FE-CTF finals, and in the finals, there was a challenge, where you had to supply x86-64 shellcode.

The output of the shellcode should be the sha256sum of your own shellcode

I managed to solve the challenge aft...

Recreating the Ukraine 2015 attack - on the latest 2022 firmware

Take 1 Ethernet converter, 2 skilled security researchers and 5 days in the lab = Some interesting zerodays!

At the International Industrial Security Conference 14-16 November Casper Bladt, Senior IT/OT Security Consultant in ICSR...

This week we took part in Digital Tech Summit in Copenhagen. Together with AAU we held a session about secure software, where we talked a bit about some of the issues that we see in the industry.

In the near future we will publish a small article about these issues, with more technical details.