Our Mission Building practical IT/OT security with a real-life perspective

Improve the skills in your teams - both offensive and defensive on industrial OT security .. on a budget - with a easy subscription model. We are ready to provide you with access to real life OT/ICS equipment.

Background for ICSRange:

“In the daily grinder, it often hard to find time to get trained in industrial Security - budget restrictions, Covid and corporate travel ban are not helping either! This website will provide insight on a new service – ICSRange, an online OT/ICS range training environment - build with real industrial security devices."

Learn better, faster and more efficient. ICS Range is an educational platform, build to further train and educate all employees, who daily works with Operational technology (OT) systems (IACS/ICS/SCADA) – ranging from basic introduction level to expert level education.

To limit the shortages of qualified security employees, the access to the range is very simple: – just open a web browser, enter credentials on the logon page and access to the environment is ready within minutes

The student will work with the very same tools and methods, that Red teams (attackers) and Blue team (defenders) use – all in a safe environment, where the student can learn without of interfering with an real world production.

Our 1-year license access, predictable and budget friendly – priced on the numbers of student license seat — Please contact us for further details via the contact form.

We need way more skilled people to combat the bad guys!

To inquire on enrollment, pricing and more details, please contact us via the contact form